1. American elm

Ulmus americana

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The first Heritage Tree. "This tree was brought to Portland, by ship, around Cape Horn at the tip of South America! It was planted here in 1870 by Martin S. and Rosa Frazar Burrell in their front yard. He was a partner in the largest seller of farm equipment, and she was a civic activist instrumental in founding the Unitarian Church. It is, to this day, known at The Burrell Elm, " Phyllis Reynolds via Trees of Greater Portland.

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This tree was planted in front of the home of Martin and Rosetta Burrell in 1870 and is thus known as the 'Burrell Elm'.

Address:  1111 SW 10th AVE
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GPS: 45.516729231203, -122.68401382307

Owner: Private

State ID: 1S1E04AA 6200

Year Registered: 1973

Height: 85' | Spread: 107' | Diameter: 46" | Circumference: 12.8'

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