About Public Art Murals

Portland has public art murals everywhere. The more I photographed the more I was blown away. Just as Phyllis Reynolds says that "Trees are Art", the murals around Portland are like an open air museum.

In addition to my own photos, Portland Wild is stocked with photos and data from the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) public art database. Nearly all the art with titles and artist information was imported from RACC. For those items, you will see a link to view the item at RACC's website. Thank you to the organization and staff member Danielle Davis for working with me.

Visit their public art catalog which includes sculpture and other public works beyond murals.

RACC also offers a wonderful walking Guide to Portland Public Art (pdf). It's a brochure style map that is easy to print and walk with.

Public Art PDX

Matt Blair at Elsewise Media also built an iOS app for murals Public Art PDX. Please check it out! Matt has been incredibly gracious, sharing data and encouraging me to offer a map solution for the public internet, an idea he had hoped to build one day. I'm touched by his openness to supporting a "competitive" solution. Thank you Matt.

The Portland Street Art Alliance

The Portland Street Art Alliance also has some wonderful walking maps for finding murals all around the Portland area. I used them to find murals to photograph for Portland Wild. PSAA offers a range of professional and educational services, including mural painting, mural restoration and repairs, event signage, live event paintings, auto painting, graphic design, wild pasting, stencil marketing, 3D sidewalk chalk art, tours, and more.

If you have ideas for how to improve the Portland Wild mural collection, please visit our Feedback page. I'm interested in whether there are people interested in seeing responsible crowdsourcing on this site. I'm also interested in finding people that might wish to volunteer to improve the data and photos on the site.