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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 years ago
    I love the Pal Do Market mural - or is that "loved"? When I researched the 2018 "Art of Foster" bike ride it looked not long for this world - haven't been to that part of Foster Rd since last August.
    The mural was featured on RACC's 2011 Annual Report [ https://racc.org/2012/01/17/regional-arts-culture-council-publishes-2011-year-in-review/ ; http://annualreports.racc.org/2011/pg4.php ] but the RACC staffer who came along on last year's ride didn't think it would survive the redevelopment of the site.
    "At the Pal Do Korean Market, at Southeast 61st Avenue and Foster Road, Una Kim’s multicolored dragon slowly slithered its way through forest, sea, and sky on the market’s side."
  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 years ago
    and as featured on the artist's website: https://unakim.net/pink-dragon-2/